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Pointe Essentials

Toe Candy Alpaca Wool

Candy for your toes. Perfect for all your dance shoes when you need a little more spring or cushion. A little goes a long way.  Soft, silky, resilient, wicking -...


A0529 Sheer Stretch Ribbon

Nearly invisible sheer stretch ribbon that allows for the natural flexion and extension of ankle and heel. Sheer stretch ribbon relieves unnecessary stress on tendons and allows the dancer to...


Bunheads Cozy Toes

From Bunheads, Style BH006U. Cushiony fabric covered gel toe pads. Cozy Toes toe pads are made of a thin layer of gel material laminated with fabric on both sides. The gel doesn't...


A0302 Rosin Spray

Non-Slip Professional Rosin, in an easy spray form, adds friction between the shoe and the floor, increasing the floor, increasing the grip of the feet. Provides excellent tack.  How to Use:To...


Lamb's Wool Toe Pillows

Soft, Lambs Curl Toe Pillows with the exclusive Soft Seam. Soft Seam eliminates the bulky and irritating side seam found on all other toe pads.Sizing: Small fits 13-13.5 pointe shoes, Medium...


Gel Buddy Toe Separator

Gel Buddy Toe Separators are designed to help separate and align the toes. They are made with a high quality, premier gel. Hand wash and air dry.


Loose Lamb's Wool

Loose lamb's wool comes in it's own canvas bag and is sterilized for purity.


Super Gellows Toe Pads

Pillows for Pointe's Super Gellows are a dance bag must have! Features seamless Cool Max sock lining on each side of the toe pad, a thin layer of gel between...


Bunheads Ouch Pouch Jr.

Reversible toe pad Crescent-shaped pad with less padding under the metatarsal area A thin layer of gel material inside two pieces of fabric creates a comfortable pouch Cushioning covers toe and bunion areas...


IM009 Warm-Up Booties

These booties, designed by American Ballet Theatre dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Max Beloserkovsky, were designed to keep your foot and ankle muscles warm before and after class. Wear your shoes...


Double Faced Ribbon

The Double Face Ribbon from Bloch is a professional quality ribbon which features a finished appearance on both sides. It looks great on stage and works with all styles of...


A0528 Stretch Satin Ribbon

The Bloch Stretch Satin Ribbon is a classic looking ribbon that allows for the natural flexion and extension of the ankle and heel. Stretch ribbon relieves unnecessary stress on tendons and...