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Ratio Dance

Ballet: Capezio Hanami in LPK (Kids sizes 11.5 and under)  Bloch Synchrony in PNK (Size 12 kids and up)

Jazz: Bloch Neoflex in Tan


  • Pre-Tap (Ages 3-4) : Bloch Merry Jane in Black
  • Primary Tap 1-2 (Ages 5-6) : Bloch Merry Jane in Black
  • Tap I - IV: Bloch Respect in Black

Lyrical: Capezio Turning Pointe 55 Half-Sole

Tights: Capezio Caramel and Capezio Professional Seamed Mesh in Classical Pink.

Bloch #S0361 Respect

Classic oxford tap shoe with leather upper and full leater outside. Features Premium all leather upper and sole tap shoe with stitched in heel counter for greater stability Non-slip pro balance rubber pad...


Capezio #1916 Ultra Soft Transition Tight

These amazing Self Knit Waistband tights offer the quality and durability of Ultra Soft Tights Offers a wide, elastic-free, soft, self knit top band Squeezing, bulging, and those hard, visible lines under...

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