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Training Tools

Muscle Roller Stick

PROVIDES MUSCLE SORNESS RELIEF when and where you need it most, including Feet, Quads, Calfs, Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders.   Made from high-quality industrial strength materials...

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Therapy Massage Spiky Balls

Large (Green) (3-1/2”) for a Firm Massage and Small (Blue) (2-1/2”) for a Soft Massage. PROVIDES MUSCLE SORENESS RELIEF when and where you need it most, including Feet, Quads, Calfs, Lower...

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SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher

Dancers often need a foot stretcher to stretch and strengthen the upper arch of the foot for correct positioning of the feet in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, General Ballet and Pointe...


#BH1650 Gel Knee Pads

Nude bamboo knit fabric and contoured silicone knee pad provides comfortable support and protection without bulkSlips on and stays in placeWon't roll in the back of the kneeNude fabric makes...


994 Knee Pads

Whether it is contemporary floor work, hip hop, tumble, acro or cheer leading, these knee pads cushion the knee cap to absorb shock. Polyester

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Pirouette Spin Trainer  Training tool for Dancers and Ice Skaters. Promotes proper body and arm position during pirouettes and spins. Allows for multiple revolution head spotting practice. Superior construction made with industrial materials. Intended for...


Russian Pointe Exercise Bands

Set of 3. Light, Medium, and Heavy. Perfect for strengthening feet and for girls at all stages of their dance career.