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Have any questions? Find some answers here!

​Why are only some items only available in-store and not online? ​Our customer service is extremely important and exclusive to us! Our employees are here to help you to find just the right products. Whether that means picking out a leotard with the perfect shape and color or helping you on how to break in your pointe shoes, we're here to help. However, not everyone can visit our store so we have made many of our selections available to you online. Some of our exclusive styles are here and gone so quickly it just wouldn't make sense to put them online. We do try to make available online as many items as we can.

​What are your hours and location? ​Our hours are here along with directions on how to find our store.

​Do you have any discounts? ​We offer a bunch of sales throughout the year that you can hear about from "liking" our Facebook page or following us on Instagram. We also have a customized free rewards program available to all of our guests! On a daily basis, we offer discounts to dance teachers and studio owners.

​Do you keep dress code information for my studio? Yes! If you come in asking for dance clothes for your child or yourself, chances are that one of the first questions you'll hear from us will be, "What dance studio do you take class at?" If we don't know what to get you immediately, we'll check our trusty dress code binder that contains up to date dress codes of as many dance studios as we've been able to get information from.

​What's your Return/Exchange policy? Hygiene Policy: Opened tights (seal broken), dance belts, dance briefs and earrings are final sale.

Return Policy: Pointe shoes that are un-sewn will receive store credit. Shoes that have no signs of wear or have not been marked in, apparel with tags attached and no signs of wear may be returned 15 days after purchase for a full refund. Past 15 days, you will receive store credit only.
Our Liability: We make every effort possible to ensure that each student has the correct shoe and size for their dance class. But, ultimately the responsibility lies with you as the final say. Prior to wearing, please verify with the instructor that you have the correct style and color.
​What do I need to know for my pointe fitting? 
  • Please do not arrive any later than one hour before the store closes if you need a full pointe shoe fitting.
  • Allow about 45 minutes for your fitting, although you may be done sooner if you are coming in for a quick size adjustment or know exactly what you need.
  • Please bring your old pointe shoes, your current toe pads and any accessories you wear inside your shoes. Also, wear a pair of convertible tights if possible.
  • Make sure your toenails are trimmed, but do not do the day of the fitting as it can cause sensitivity and change the perception of your fit.
  • Show your pointe shoes to your teacher for approval BEFORE sewing them. 

​Was your question not answered here? Call to speak with an associate directly at: (260) 483-1633