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RP Narrow Toe Spacers

In beautiful RP Purple, narrow toe spacers fit between any toes to alleviate pressure, friction and irritation. Using spacers can reduce the likelihood of bunions, joint pain, blisters, corns or...


M1101 Above Knee Leg Warmers BLK

Thigh high legwarmer that can be worn full length or scrunched to a desired length, suitable for initial warm up and class wear. Rib cuff detail around the thigh and...


Bloch Odor Eliminator #A0301

Place the Bloch odor eliminator in your shoes to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Your shoes will last longer by keeping the dry. Features - Washable case - Color changing properties as a...


Bloch #A919 Clear Stretch Tips

The Bloch Clear Stretch Tips offer superior cushioning, protection and relief to your toes to keep you on your feet. Features Superior cushioning, protection and relief for calluses, nails, hammer toes and...


007 Replacement Shoulder Straps

Body Wrappers replacement shoulder straps for 297 Underwire Bra.Sizing: 22" x 3/8" = 34 B-C - 36 B-C22" x 5/8" = 34 D-DD -36 D-DD24" x 5/8" = 38 C-D-DD -...


008 Replacement Back Strap

Body Wrappers clear replacement back strap for 297 Underwire Bra.Sizing: 14" x 1 1/4" = 34 D-DD15" x 3/4"    = 36 B-C15" x 1 1/4" = 36 D-DD16" x 3/4" ...


IM009 Warm-Up Booties

These booties, designed by American Ballet Theatre dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Max Beloserkovsky, were designed to keep your foot and ankle muscles warm before and after class. Wear your shoes...

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ChitChat Water Bottle

These colorful single wall aluminum water bottles are BPA free and have a snap tight cap. For cold beverages only. Designs available as shown. 28 oz.


Yofi Glitter Spray

Yofi non-aerosol silver hair and body glitter spray. Great for hair, body, costume or uniform. The ultra sparkle is perfect for performance. Available in 18 colors. Washes out easily. Body Glitter Spray...


Stick It Body Glue

1.1 oz Roll on body adhesive for clothing, costumes, uniforms and accessories. It is designed for dress straps, leotards, nylons, stockings, shoulder and cleavage areas or any accessory you need...


RP Stretch Ribbon

For an outstandingly smooth, gap-free line, choose Stretch Ribbon in delicate RP Pink to perfectly match your pointe shoes. This soft, elasticized ribbon features a very fine weave and gentle...


Cyclone Toe Socks

Toe socks promote spinning, offer protection and easy care for practice and warm-ups. Great prepack value! 3 pair per package.