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Pointe Shoes


“The ballerina has an intimate relationship with her pointe shoes. They lengthen her line, give her precision, allow her to spin or to lift herself up toward the heavens. They deepen her ethereal qualities; they are at once extensions of her body and mystical objects”


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Russian Pointe Rubin Radiance

Working from the versatility and unsurpassed popularity of Rubin, comes the next generation – Rubin Radiance. Made on the original Rubin last with the same box shape, Rubin Radiance flaunts...


Suffolk Spotlight Standard Shank

The Spotlight incorporates Suffolk’s patented design that is unique in its ability to help all dancers get over the platform in correct placement while the insole allows her to fully...


Suffolk Sonnet Standard Shank

The Sonnet is poetry in motion. This lower profile turn shoe has a strong toe box and wing coupled with Suffolk®’s patented design to help the dancer achieve proper placement...


Suffolk Stellar Standard Shank

The Stellar is perfect for the lower profile foot and enables the dancer to get over the platform, while fully articulating her feet. Suffolk’s patented design is used in the...


Capezio #1142W Ava

Product Features: Broad toe box, Rayon satin upper, Moderate vamp, low sides and narrowed heel, Slight "U" shape throat flatters the arch Low crown, Removable medical grade gel cushion placed on...


Capezio #1140W Kylee

With Rayon-backed cotton satin fabric and produced on a new, curved, last with low crown. Plush rose-colored lining, satin binding and elastic drawstring. Moderate vamp length and wide platform. Leather...


Bloch #ES0160 European Balance Strong

Same classic Bloch European Balance with a hard shank. The European Balance makes the dancer feel like they could stay ‘en pointe’ all day because the last closely follows the...


Bloch #S0131 Serenade Strong

Offering all the wonderful attributes of the Serenade with a stronger shank, the Serenade Strong is designed with extra support to control the foot laterally, offering a narrow, snug fit...


Bloch #S0131 Serenade

The Serenade is designed with extra support to control the foot laterally, offering a narrow, snug fit at the heel. Features The design of the shank under the metatarsal assists in holding...


Bloch #S0130 Sonata

The Sonata is designed for students and professionals with flexible arches. Features The Sonata has an unsecured heel and with the design of the shank works together to stabilize, support and align...


Bloch #S0155 Tensus Demi-Pointe

The Demi-pointe has a square shaped box, low cut sides and a narrow heel. These features combine to accentuate the profile of the foot and suit the dancer with a...


Bloch #S0108 Axiom

The Axiom is designed for advanced students and professionals with strong leg and foot muscular development. Features The Axiom is an ideal performance shoe for the strong developed foot, offering support with...